Transgender Health Services
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I Am More Than My Pronoun

And SelectHealth is more than you think. It’s a specialized Medicaid plan from VNS Health for people of transgender experience or gender non-conforming.*

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3 Reasons to Include SelectHealth in Your Journey

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You want a plan that has a long commitment to the LGBTQ+ community.

SelectHealth combines our commitment and passion with gender-affirming services. Our plan benefits include:

  • Access to gender-affirming health providers (doctors, nurses, physician assistants, etc.)

  • Hormone therapy

  • Gender-affirming surgeries and care after surgeries

  • Laser hair removal

  • HIV prevention and treatment services, including PrEP and PEP

  • Support from Nurse Care Coordinators

*SelectHealth also provides services for people living with HIV and homeless people regardless of their HIV status.

You want expert care.

Our members have access to medical care and leaders in transgender health in New York, including:

  • Mount Sinai Health system, including the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery

  • NYU Langone

  • Northwell Health

  • New York Presbyterian, including Columbia Presbyterian and Cornell hospitals

  • Independent gender-affirming surgeons

If you choose to have gender-affirming surgery, you can receive expert care after your surgery from the VNS Health Gender Affirmation Program (GAP). Because SelectHealth is also part of VNS Health, we will work with you and your health provider so you can recover comfortably at home.

You want healthcare services that fit your needs.

When you’re a SelectHealth member, we’ll get to know you and your providers. This helps us understand your needs and tailor services just for you.

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You may be eligible
to receive the services of SelectHealth if
you live in Brooklyn,
the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Nassau or Westchester County.

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